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All ways to sell professionally under the same roof

Perfect! You’re going to sell your home 🏡 Now, tell us what level of support you’re looking for?

As you noticed, you have the option to sell WITHOUT a broker or WITH a broker. An option only offered with us, and no it’s not comparable to Proprio Direct… and you’ll be able to see that 🤓 Then, no matter which package you choose, you can switch to another option at any time at no extra cost. Now that’s what we call being FLEXIBLE 😉

Moreover, you’ll notice that our packages don’t vary according to a number of photos or a subscription duration, but according to a really important element, i.e. the level of support you want to get 🤲 And for the price, you’ll see it… we beat all competition!

So no need to go elsewhere, since you will find all the ways to sell your property, here under one roof 😁

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