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Privacy Policy

Updated on April 8, 2020. Thank you for choosing Flex Immobilier.

This document named “confidentiality” is the policy relating to personal information issued by Estrietoit Inc. whose head office is located at 101-215 rue Bellevue in Sherbrooke, Province of Quebec, J1J 3Z2 (“Flex Immobilier”) which sets out the rules concerning the collection, use and retention of personal information (“Policy”).

Flex Immobilier attaches great importance to personal information in the course of its business.

This Policy therefore applies only to the personal information of any person, whether or not he or she has a user account, who has access to the Flex Immobilier Website, who has browsed or used the Flex Immobilier Website in any way whatsoever (“User”).

Collection of Personal Information

Goals and objectives

As part of the services offered, Flex Immobilier asks Users to provide personal information about themselves, including the registration of their User account.

Flex Immobilier may also conduct online surveys from time to time to better understand the needs, profile and experience of its Users. If the User so desires, he may participate or not in these surveys. In principle, all personal information collected from Users within the framework of these surveys will be used in a general way for the compilation of data from such surveys and no personal information will be kept by Flex Immobilier.

Flex Immobilier may also keep on file proof of communication or correspondence with a User. Flex Immobilier will use the personal information provided only for the purpose of responding to the e-mail.

For data compilation purposes, Flex Immobilier may also keep certain information about the use of its website by the User, such as the sections visited and the services, computer hardware and software used, including the User’s IP address, type of browser, domain names, dates and times of access and the addresses of websites that directed the User to Flex Immobilier Website as well as links to other websites used through its own website. This information may be kept by Flex Immobilier to evaluate each of the various facets of its website, for reasons of security of its website and for the application of laws.

Personal information collected through accounts

The following personal information constitutes essential information for the realization of Flex Immobilier’s Goals and Objectives mentioned above, namely the User’s contact information (surname and first names, complete address including postal code, telephone (home and/or other), email, spoken and written languages) and the address of the property to which a sale process will be, is, or has been posted by advertisement.

Accuracy of Personal Information

The personal information provided by the User must be accurate, complete and up-to-date to avoid the transmission of inappropriate personal information to Flex Immobilier, the public and buyers. Therefore, if the personal information provided by the User changes, the User must correct or update it by accessing his options in his User account (“Account”).

Deletion of Personal Information

The User may ask Flex Immobilier to delete personal information concerning him/her at any time by sending an e-mail notice. As soon as Flex Immobilier deletes the totality of the User’s Account, all advertisements, all personal information concerning the User and all information in the profile of the User’s Account will be deleted, except for an archival copy that is inaccessible via the Flex Immobilier Website and copies already transmitted to Flex Immobilier, the public and buyers. The deletion of the totality of the Account will result in the loss of the right to the services paid for by the User.

User Consent

User Consent

The User hereby accepts that as soon as Flex Immobilier receives the activation of a service, Flex Immobilier will disclose to Users, experts, partners and any third party the personal information relating to the User necessary to carry out the service. In other words, the User must reasonably expect that his personal information will be transmitted to these persons upon activation of a service and that Flex Immobilier will be exonerated from the use that these persons will make of it. To the extent that the User has consented to the Policy through the terms of use by clicking on the “I AGREE” box, it will be presumed that the User has accepted this Policy, that the User has understood the reasonable expectation of privacy that he or she enjoys and that the User releases Flex Immobilier from any liability for the use of his or her personal information in accordance with this Policy.

Limitation on Obtaining User Consent

The User hereby consents that Flex Immobilier may collect, use and retain his personal information without his knowledge or consent under certain circumstances, in particular for legal reasons such as law enforcement, fraud detection or for security reasons.

Use and Retention of Personal Information


Flex Immobilier is committed to using and retaining the personal information collected from Users in accordance with this Policy and/or in accordance with the law in effect at the time of its use, communication and retention.

Use of Personal Information

Flex Immobilier collects personal information concerning the User essentially to be able to give the User access to its Website and to allow the User, in doing so, to benefit from a safe, efficient and personalized experience.  The User agrees that Flex Immobilier uses this personal information for the following purposes:

  • give the User access to its website and services;
  • personalize and improve its services, content and advertising;
  • contact the User to resolve problems with the User’s Account or the Flex Immobilier Website or for other purposes permitted by law;
  • contact the User to inform the User of its services and those of its affiliates, to provide the User with targeted marketing products, to provide the User with access to updates to its services and to make promotional offers to the User;
  • to prevent, detect and, if necessary, investigate fraud and security breaches, activities that may be prohibited or illegal and to enforce Flex Immobilier’s terms of use.

Use of Personal Information Collected by Third Parties

Subject to the provisions otherwise provided for, Flex Immobilier agrees not to disclose to any person personal information other than that covered by a service offered to Users (“Information”). All reasonable means will be taken to ensure that User Information will not be used by third parties for purposes other than those described in the Policy. However, the interpretation of the present Policy shall not be considered as a guarantee by Flex Immobilier that no third party will obtain access to the Information by hijacking the security systems or by lack of diligence on the part of the User, in particular but not limited to the disclosure of his or her password. Consequently, the User hereby agrees that Flex Immobilier shall not be held liable for the use of User Information by third parties.

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the User authorizes Flex Immobilier, under the following circumstances, to disclose Information to third parties, namely:

  1. in the normal course of its business, to professionals, experts offering services on the Flex Immobilier Website, to its suppliers, in particular, without limitation, with respect to the hosting of its Web server, the maintenance and technical support and the security of its website. These suppliers will have, if need be, access to the Information in order to carry out the tasks incumbent upon them without being able to share it with any other person. Although Flex Immobilier will make every effort to use reputable service providers, such providers may have privacy policies and practices that differ from those of Flex Immobilier. As a result, Flex Immobilier cannot guarantee, for and on behalf of these suppliers, that they will abide by the legal limits imposed by the laws regarding the use of personal information. However, Flex Immobilier is committed to reviewing the privacy policies of these suppliers in order to understand their procedures for collecting, using, disclosing and retaining personal information.
  2. when required by law or an order of a governmental entity having jurisdiction to do so to comply with legal requirements, to prevent the commission of a criminal offence or to protect the national security, personal safety of the User or the general public.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a text file installed on the hard drive of the User’s computer by the Flex Immobilier web page server known as a “cookie”. Flex Immobilier uses cookies to characterize and improve the User’s use of its website. These cookies can only be read by the Web page server of the Internet domain that issued them. When the User registers for certain services offered by Flex Immobilier, cookies are used to recognize the User by name and password. In addition, cookies are used to measure clicks and for load balancing. However, they cannot run programs or transmit viruses to a computer.

Use of Information for Improvement

Flex Immobilier uses the User’s personal, demographic or technical information collected via its website in order to improve and administer its website and to present its products and services in an efficient manner. Flex Immobilier may also use this information to inform the User of the existence of other products or services available, to contact the User in order to know his opinion or to notify him of updates to its website.

Retention of Personal Information

Personal information relating to the User will be kept by Flex Immobilier from the time of access to its website until the thirtieth (30th) day following the deletion of the personal information in the form of an archival copy.


Flex Immobilier is committed to maintaining adequate technical and organizational means to protect the personal information relating to Users available via its website, in particular through the use of encryption tools and passwords against accidental loss, theft, access, use, modification, copy or unauthorized disclosure thereof. However, these security methods will not be used when the User sends an e-mail to Flex Immobilier.

By this security commitment, Flex Immobilier does not guarantee to the User that no unauthorized Third Party will be able to divert, by malevolence or lack of diligence on the part of the User, in particular by the disclosure of his password, these security means in order to have access to the personal information contained on its website and their use in a dishonest manner.

Access to Personal Information

Terms and Conditions

As soon as a User requests it by e-mail, Flex Immobilier will confirm, by e-mail, the existence of personal information in its files, the use made of it and the communication made to third parties as provided in the Use of Personal Information Collected by Third Parties paragraph above and will allow the User to consult it within thirty (30) days following this request. However, the User must make this request before the expiry of the time limit set out in the paragraph above entitled Retention of Personal Information. However, Flex Immobilier reserves the right to refuse to disclose personal information to a User who has made a request for personal information concerning him or her, in particular, when the disclosure of personal information could likely harm a preventive investigation by Flex Immobilier, prevent the detection or punishment of a crime or offence or have an effect on a legal proceeding in progress. In addition, Flex Immobilier may also refuse to disclose personal information to a User who has made a request for personal information about him or her when it includes personal information about third parties.

The User may also challenge in writing the accuracy and completeness of the personal information obtained in response to his or her request and have the information corrected as appropriate.

General Provisions

Policy Change

The header of the Policy indicates the date it was last updated. However, Flex Immobilier reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or improve its Policy at any time or to change it for a completely new policy (“Policy Amendment”). The User shall then be responsible for making the necessary verifications in order to take cognizance of the Policy Modifications, if any. If the User continues to use the Flex Immobilier Website, the User will be presumed to have tacitly consented to the new terms of the Policy and to their application, as if they were the original terms, and the personal information relating to Users that will have been provided prior to the Policy Change will be deemed to have been collected, used and retained in accordance with the new Policy.


Notices required under the Policy must be made in writing by e-mail with acknowledgement of receipt, e-mail: info@fleximmobilier.com.

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