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So, you want to sell your property with the assistance of a real estate broker, with a high probability of selling at “1% of the advertised price payable only upon sale“. Thus, a “For Sale By Owner” with no upfront costs!

Moreover, you wish to benefit from the expertise and visibility (e.g. Centris) offered by a real estate broker and you are comfortable with the idea that if he finds the buyer, you will pay a reasonable commission of 2% or 4%, depending on the source of the buyer.

So here is a package designed and built for you:

The HYBRID Package #1

For sale by owner WITH real estate broker

First, let’s start with the actions that will have as main objective to offer you the probability to sell at “1% of the advertised price payable only upon sale” or 2% commission:

We will take high quality HDR photos (unlimited number of photos)

We will produce a real virtual tour video

We will apply the Home Staging concepts when taking pictures

We will do the technical survey of your property and then write your ad (French-English)

We will post your ad with your contact information on a multitude of websites and social networks

We will install an attractive, solid and professional “FOR SALE” sign with your contact information

You will have access to the legal documents necessary for the sale of your property (e.g. offer to purchase)

This subscription is for 6 months (renewable at no cost) but more than likely you will sell well before that 😉

In a second step, we will give the description and photos to one of our partner real estate brokers who will, in turn, advertise your property on his websites (e.g. Centris…).

Once everything is online, one of the following 4 scenarios will occur when it comes to the sale of your property, depending on where the buyer is coming from and which tasks you want to assume:

If the buyer contacts you directly through the ads (sign, websites and social networks) published by Flex Immobilier. You will only have to manage the visits of the buyers and to complete the legal documents ( e.g.: offer to purchase) provided by Flex Immobilier.

If the buyer contacts you directly through the ads (sign, websites and social networks) published by Flex Immobilier, but you transfer the responsibility to your real estate broker (Flex partner) to finalize the transaction: visits of buyers, legal documents, etc. In short, when you receive calls and emails from potential buyers, you can (if that’s what you want) transfer them to the real estate broker who will handle the rest 😊

Don’t be fooled! This is not similar to Proprio Direct as they will not advertise with your contact information, so the odds of selling at this rate are almost non-existent.

If your broker (Flex partner) finds the buyer or a buyer contacts your broker directly through his ads on Centris.ca, Realtor.ca and others.

If a broker representing a buyer contacts your broker through his ads on Centris.ca, Realtor.ca and others. The 4% commission would be distributed as follows: 2% to your broker and 2% to the broker representing the buyer.

As you know, some buyers prefer to deal directly with the owner while others prefer to deal with a real estate broker. This package meets these preferences and therefore increases your chances of success!

Here are our real estate broker partners in whom we place our trust. The important thing is not the quantity, but the quality 😉 You will have the honor to choose the one that suits you 👑

14 listings
Fabrice Barré chartered real estate broker REMAX Sherbrooke Portrait photo

Fabrice Barré

RE/MAX Chartered Real Estate Broker
There are many real estate brokers in the Eastern Townships! Real estate brokers who want ...
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Sandra Shank

Real Estate Broker RE/MAX
Sandra Shank, Residential and commercial real estate broker RE/MAX Renaissance 3100, avenu ...
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Serge Piché

Pro Immobilier Real Estate Broker
Welcome to my professional digital home! To meet me and get to know me, I invite you to ta ...
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Sonia Beaulieu REMAX Real Estate Broker Sherbrooke Magog

Sonia Beaulieu

RE/MAX Real Estate Broker
You would like to work with me ? Get the HYBRID Package from Flex Immobilier and ask for m ...
2 listings

Francois Bérard Dubois

Real estate broker Sutton
REAL ESTATE AFFECTS EVERYONE. We all have the same expectations. The most profitable, safe ...
6 listings
Patrick Farès Real Estate Broker Century 21 Sherbrooke Magog Flex Immobilier

Patrick Farès

Century 21 Real Estate Broker
22 listings
André Lavallée real estate broker Century 21 Photo Portrait

André Lavallée

Century 21 Real Estate Broker

Besides, why be satisfied with a team “for sale by owner” or a team of real estate brokers when you can have both at the same time with Flex Immobilier?

You’re still doubting… Then let’s take the time to compare ⚖

As many of our clients like to say, “It really is the best of both worlds! “

What more can we say 😉

Your ad will be online 24-48 hours after the photo shoot

This video does not mention the 1% option. Nevertheless, it explains in detail (in french) how the package works 🤓

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