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How to handle calls from potential buyers?

How to manage calls from potential buyers Flex Immobilier

First of all, you need:

  • a minimum of availability to respond to calls, voice messages and e-mails in a timely manner;
  • a strategy to filter requests or at least calibrate your expectations;
  • as well as a good knowledge of the features and condition of your property.

We agree with you: wasted time caused by more or less serious buyers is irritating! Here are a few questions to ask to potential buyers to eliminate the less serious ones so that you can devote your energies to the more conclusive ones:

Have you seen our ad on

Your ad on contains a lot of information about your property, even more than most real estate websites. Once the buyer has viewed your listing, they will know more about whether your property meets their needs and whether the asking price seems reasonable to them. With this information in mind, it will become relevant for them to visit your home. Besides, a serious buyer doesn’t usually start the conversation by discussing the asking price without even visiting the property. This can be a bit of a bell ringing…

Is your home currently for sale or is it under an offer to purchase or is it being sold?

All is best when the potential buyer answers yes to one of these three possibilities or when he answers no because it will be his first home. If they say their home is not yet for sale… lower your expectations and ask the next question.

Are you pre-approved by a financial institution to finance the purchase of a property?

If the answer is no and this is his first home… lower your expectations even further. Recommend that he start with this step before making any visits so that he can see the budget he will be entitled to.

If the person answers yes, tell you that he or she is most likely a serious buyer.

Are you flexible about the occupancy date?

You will be able to see if an agreement is possible with the potential buyer, determine each party’s room to manoeuvre, or find out if you should expect intense negotiations.

Let’s take the classic example of a buyer, currently a tenant, who must absolutely leave his unit before the very popular July 1st date and who would therefore like to take possession in June. For your part, you are planning to acquire a new home that will not be delivered until fall. A quick calculation will make you realize that you will have to find temporary housing in the meantime. Is this a scenario you are ready to manage?

By identifying the needs and constraints of each party at the outset, you reduce the chances of hitting a wall after going through the whole process!

Can I find out who I am speaking to and what phone number I can call in case of an eventuality?

A seller has the right to know who he is speaking to, especially since the visitor in question will eventually enter your property, and thus part of your privacy. Moreover, by having the visitor’s contact information, you will be able to confirm the exact time of the visit with him/her, to reach him/her if something unexpected happens or to contact him/her if he/she does not show up for the appointment. You will thus avoid having to prepare your home for a potential buyer who is not serious or unavailable.

Did you know that the law requires real estate brokers to identify themselves and inform you of their intentions when they contact you? Therefore, they cannot pretend to be potential buyers in order to get an appointment.

However, be aware that at any time (as part of the Hybrid Package) you can simply take note of the buyers’ contact information and give it to your real estate broker, partner of Flex Immobilier. The latter will take care of filtering the buyers and will take care of the visits as well as the steps that will follow. In return, if he closes the sale, he will charge a small commission of 1.5%.

For more details about the Hybrid Package, click on one of the two following buttons:

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