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So you want to sell your property without the assistance of a real estate broker in order to avoid paying a commission on the sale.

Therefore, you feel completely at ease to manage the requests and visits of the buyers, and to complete the legal documents (ex: offer to purchase) provided by Flex Immobilier.

You are ready to pay a lump sum of $449.95 to have your property professionally marketed in order to maximize your return on the sale of your property.

Here is a package designed and built for you:

Fleximmobilier House for sale or for rent by owner commission free Visibility Package


For sale by owner WITHOUT real estate broker

We will take high quality HDR photos (up to 24 photos)

We will apply the Home Staging concepts when taking pictures

We will do the technical survey of your property and then write your ad (French-English)

We will post your ad on a multitude of websites and social networks

We will install an attractive, solid and professional “FOR SALE” sign

You will have access to the legal documents necessary for the sale of your property (e.g. offer to purchase)

This subscription is for 12 months, but more than likely you will sell well before that 😉

All for 449.95$*

or 6 payments of 85.95$**

Of course we are less known than DuProprio and we are also less big 🐘, so you can expect much more personalized services. Plus, the strategy we employ to ensure your property is seen by thousands of potential buyers is just as effective. Not to mention that our package is nearly 2.5 times more affordable! So why pay more when you can get comparable SERVICES and RESULTS? Take the time to compare.

By choosing Flex, you are choosing an agency that will do more than just post your ad on a popular website. In fact, we’ll build your ad from scratch and publish it on multiple platforms so that it reaches your potential buyers.

This means that each property is treated independently in order to obtain the best results. A personalized approach that only we can boast of, apart from some real estate brokerage agencies of course, but be prepared to show your big bucks: 4%, 5%, 6%… commission 💰

We have become masters at getting the most out of popular platforms such as Google, Kijiji, Lespac, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… We’ve even developed tactics to encourage outbidding… if that’s what you want of course 😉

Important to add that the best way to get a high price for your home is to create an overbid situation (multiple offers to purchase). And the best way to create an overbid situation is to offer your listings the maximum visibility (targeted advertising) and professional quality (beautiful photos, description, etc.) in order to attract the maximum of buyers as soon as the property is put on the market (within a short period of time).

Obviously, this is what we will do for you 😁

Your ad will be online 24-48 hours after the photo shoot

* 1st payment option: One payment of $449.95 (plus taxes) payable at the time of the photo shoot.

** 2nd payment option: 1st payment of $85.95 (plus taxes) when the photos are taken and the 5 following payments of $85.95 each (plus taxes) on the same date during the following consecutive months. The 6-payment option includes a 14.6% administration fee on $449.95. Please note that prices may be adjusted depending on the type of property being advertised. We will advise you of such a situation before services are rendered.

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